The Rt.Rev. G.Devakadasham 
Bishop - Devakadasham

When Bishop G. Devakadasham assumed leadership, the cracks in the unity of the Church were threatening to widen and his efforts to bring accord were blessed immensely. Thus started a period of growth in the Church and visions taking shape. To enable smooth functioning of the Diocese, the constitution was revised. The following departments were started to cater to the different needs of the Church.

The Department of Christian Education and Nurture has a major concern for the Children and the Department of Youth Concerns has involved various activities to develop and build the Youth. The Department of Human Resource Development Provides Theological Education to the Church. Workers and the Laity. It is also dedicated to train Men and Women in the service of the Community and Church. The Communication and Revival Ministries takes care of the publication of literature and conduct of revival meetings, etc. The Church Workers Welfare Department cares for the Welfare of the Church Workers. The Men’s Fellowship and Women’s Fellowship are connected with the development of spiritual activities.

Diocesan Annual Convention has become a regular feature. New order of Worship and Peraya Pamalai , the newly edited hymnal including revival songs, have brought about a revival in Church Worship. Church Workers renew their Theological Education and the laity are trained to work in Mission Fields through Christian Mission Education Programme.

Several welfare scheme have been introduced. Home to the homeless, Old Age Pension, Marriage Gifts Assistance, Scholarships to the Economically Backward, help to the bereaved families and Girl Child Programmes are few that speak of the efforts done to the betterment of the marginalized. One feels that this is indeed a period of concern.