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The department was started during 1978. Dr. Belmon Thampi was the first Head of Department. Dr. K. Selwyn Thambiraj was appointed as HoD during August 1979. M.Com programme was started during July 1981. M. Phil programme was started during July 1991. The department have a commerce library and a computer lab. The department became a full fledged Research Centre during 1996. So far it has produced about 400 M.Phils and 37 Ph.Ds

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Dr. M. Edwin Gnanadhas, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Email : edwingnanadhas@gmail.com
Phone : 9488272021 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. D. Jacquline Pon Mabel, M.Com., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Email : jacqulinevincent@gmail.com
Phone : 9894134269 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. J. Anisha Shinnie Thangam, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Email : anishamacrin@gmail.com
Phone : 8754000021 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. I. Samuel Sunder Singh, M.Com., M.Phil., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email : samuelsundar@scottchristian.org
Phone : 9944241877 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. C. Sathya Kumar, M.Com., M.Phil., PGDM., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email : sathyakumar@scottchristian.org
Phone : 04651-250067

Mr. C. Ravi Raj, B.Sc., LLB (Part-time Lecturer)

Part-time lawer

Email :
Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. R. Saleena, M.Com., M.Phi;., B.Ed., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email : rseleena@gmail.com
Phone : 9486864298 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr.A.G. Seagon Roy, M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email : segonroy@scottchristian.org
Phone : 9488291925 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. S. Memukhan Gnanamony, M.Com., M.F.C., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email : memukhangnanamoni@scottchristion.org
Phone : 9486760557 Bia-Data Bio-data

Mr. P. Christopher Raj, M.Com., M.Phil.

Assistant Professor

Email : christopherraj@scottchristian.org
Phone : 9944766330 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. G. Jeslin Viola Pet, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email : violapet@gmail.com
Phone : 9843466746 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr.T.Alexandria Jayamathy, hM.Com.,M.Phil,B.Ed,MBA,Ph.D

Phone : 9442394333 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr.V.Ahila,M.Com.,M.Phil., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

E-Mail : Ahilamanoj@yahoo.com
Phone : 9487775004 Bia-Data Bio-data


Assistant Professor

E-Mail : sheeju83@gmail.com
Phone : 8300158900 Bia-Data Bio-data

Mr.Arul Stephen,B.Sc.,LLB(Part time Lawyer)

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9443210065

Dr. D.M. Hemsilin Nija, M.Com., Ph.D

Assistant Professo

Phone : 9840891980 Bia-Data Bio-data

Mr. J. Vijin Shaji Kumar, M.Com,M.Phil.

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9487115811 Bia-Data Bio-data

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