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To work to create responsible citizens to fulfill the void of able administrators with human kindness, responsibility and honesty. Attempt to create worthy citizens, to build the future India and to create unbiased historians to bring the historical truths to the society and to the nation at large.


Our mission is to convert the rustic scholars into angular scholars. To impart basic skills of reading and writing. To organize conferences to make the scholars ready witted. To inculcate and infuse confidence in them to respond the future challenges successfully in all walks of life.

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Profile of the Faculty 

Dr. V. Ranjan, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (HoD)

Assistant Professor

Email : ranjan_scott2005@rediffmail.com
Phone : 9442535695 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. P. Pushparaj, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Email. rajpushpa62@gmail.com
Phone No. 9865589949 Bia-Data Bio-data

Mr. J. Isaac Newton, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.

Assistant Professor

Email : isaacnewton@gmail.com
Phone : 9787404019 Bia-Data Bio-data

Dr. N. Amutha Kumari, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Email : amuthakumari@scottchristion.org
Phone : 9894455902 Bia-Data Bio-data

Mr. T. Wins Joel, M.A., M.Phil, MTM.

Assistant Professor

Email : winsjoel@scottchristion.org
Phone : 9442364640

Dr.C.Godwin Sam, M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Email :
Phone : 9442078535 Bia-Data Bio-data

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News and Activities

The department is built on strong historical foundation by eminent professors like Kuttikan, Dr. S.S. Hector, Dr. Rajappan and Mrs. Jothi Bai Johnson. On the foundation that they laid the superstructure is raised with research courses leading to M.Phil., Ph.D. Dr. L. Reginald Jacob, heads the department and under his able stewardship many National, State Level and International Seminars were conducted. The following faculty members assist the smooth functioning of the department.

1. Dr. L. Reginald Jacob
2. Dr. N. Sam Raj
3. Dr. V. Ranjan
4. Dr. P. Pushpa Raj
5. Mr. J. Isaac Newton
6. Mr. R. Sumesh
7. Ms. N. Amutha Kumari
8. Ms. N. Shanthi
9. Mr. T. Wins Joel

The college is situated in the midst of rural areas. So most of the scholars are from rural areas with rustic background and character. The department accommodates both men and women students. More than 30 per cent of the students are women. The staff members work towards eradicating the gender bias first in the department level and prepare the students towards the global of achieving to build greater India without gender bias.

Changes in the syllabus has been updated to equip the challenges, taking stock of the standard of the scholars and new trends in the education scenario. The success rate among the scholars is satisfactory and makes a marked improvement year after year. The result of the department rose to 70-98%.

The department has a well equipped department library other than the general library. The department is in possession of 1500 books, journals and other reading materials such as, competition success, competition success general knowledge, competition review and social science journals which have been added to develop their reading and writing habits. The department has a fully furnished reading room also.

The teachers adopt discussion method of teaching along with the conventional lecture classes. The teachers are fully involved in the academic work of correction and evaluation of UG & PG papers and evaluation of M.Phil. and Ph.D. thesis. The weaker sections are identified and Tutorial classes were conducted. Career counseling and guidance were given. There are 32 scholars pursue their Ph.D degree. Two scholars have already obtained Ph.D. degree. The Department has produced 52 M.Phil scholars.
Dr. L. Reginald Jacob is working as the Centre Co-ordinator for the Tamil Nadu Open University programme and now he is appointed as the Co-ordinator of M.S. University for P.G. correspondence courses.

Dr. L. Reginald Jacob, the Head of the Department of History got a minor project from the UGC for his project on “The Working Class Movement in Kanyakumari District with Special Reference to Plantation and Cashewnut Workers”, Link No.2613 dated 18.03.2008 and he has successfully completed the same. Dr. V. Ranjan attended and presented a paper in the International Conference held in Thailand.

Apart from the academic activities students and staff are involved in extension activities too. Women’s Awareness Programme, Human Rights and Environmental Programme, Free Eye Camp etc., are the highlights of the extension activities with regard to assessment of students. They are continuously assessed by tests, quiz programmes, question and answer methods. With regard to employment, many boys and a girl students have joined Tamil Nadu Police Service. Some students have passed SLET and NET examinations too.

The students are encouraged to organize association meetings regularly. This enabled the students to acquire leadership qualities. The following seminars were organized during the past five years.

1. Seminar on Ecology and Environment
2. Space Research and Communication
3. Intercollegiate Seminar on Local History
4. Seminar on Fashion Designing
5. Inter University Seminar on Monuments of Kanyakumari District Tourism Industry
6. National Seminar on Coalition Government in India
7. Quiz Programmes on Travancore History and Freedom Struggle
8. Symposium on LMS and Caste Hierarchy in Kanyakumari District
9. One-day Seminar on Indian Budget
10. One-day National Seminar on Recent Trends in Historical Research

Besides these the students have been encouraged to join NSS and NCC. Educational tours have been arranged to the students to places of historical importance such as Delhi, Agra and Goa and other important places of historical monuments.

The Department has planned to organize a Departmental Archives for the use of students and public. Local palm leaf Ballads of Historical importance, Numismatic sources that are found in this part of the country and Archaeological sources may be collected and preserved in the archives.