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The Department provides basic Physics foundation through lectures and laboratory courses to the students of the B. Sc., M. Sc. and M. Phil programmes. This program trains future physicists with hands-on experience on pure science and skills based knowledge in addition to offering them one of the most rigorous Physics curricula in the world. At present we admit 48 students in B.Sc., 25 for M.Sc., 10 for M. Phil (Full-time) and 10 for M. Phil (Part-time). We carry out research in many frontier areas, including Nano materials and nanostructures, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Theoretical and Computational Physics.
The Postgraduate Department of Physics received a grant of Rs. 3 lakhs under 9th UGC plan, Rs. 3 lakhs under 10th UGC plan and Rs. 8 lakhs under 11th UGC plan. We have well equipped Computer lab, Crystallography, Thin film and nanomaterials synthesis laboratories. The DST-FIST recognized the Department as a centre for carrying out advanced level research under “Departmental Support Programme”, in 2010.
The teachers are involved in research activities and published many research papers and also presented papers in seminars/conferences. For the last five year we have published more than 30 research publications in reputed international journals. To our credit, we have completed 2 minor and 2 student project and at present a major project has been ongoing funded by DAE-BRBS.

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Achieve excellence and commit to stand out as a pre-eminent centre of teaching and research in Physics with noble ideas of upbringing the disadvantaged students by offering quality physics education to make them employable, self-reliant, futuristic and endowed with human values.


Develop next generations of skilled professionals and scientists by providing excellent graduate, postgraduate, pre-doctoral education to meet the cut-throat competition in securing employment.

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Every year Department of Physics holds many programmes for not only for our campus students but also to students of near by districts. Our academic programs are:

• Model Practical Examination for +2 Students
• Prof. J.M. Arthur Memorial Quiz for +2 Students
• Prof. G.H. Marsden Memorial Quiz for Undergraduate students
• Dr. E. James R. Daniel Endowment Inter-Collegiate Seminar and JRD Physics Quiz for post graduate students.
• Prof. J.M. Arthur Memorial Endowment Lecture Series.
• State Level Seminar for Post graduate and Research Scholars.

As a noble gesture of social commitment, the teaching staff and students of Physics Department have formulated “Student Aid Fund” in the Department to meet the emergency needs of the poor students.

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Dr.A . Moses Ezhlil Raj,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.[HoD]

Associate Professor

Phone : 9994542752

Dr.D.Henry Raja,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,B.D.

Assistant Professor

Phone : 04652235133

Mr.A . Charles Hepzy Roy,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,PGDCA

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9944261881


Assistant Professor

Phone : 9443746555

Dr. C.Besky Job,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9487026024

Mrs.Y.Premila Rachlin,M.sc,,M.Phil

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9952856131


Assistant Professor

Phone : 9443284135

Mrs.V.Anslin Ferby,M.sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9443595694

Mrs. B.S.Benila,M.Sc.,M.Phil

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9843626563

Mrs.Y.Sheeba Sherlin,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,PGDCA

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9442304397


Assistant Professor

Phone : 9487386199

Mrs.Sharmila Juliet,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,HDCA

Assistant Professor

Phone : 9487094860

Mrs. D.J.Jeejamol,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,PGDCA

Assistant Professor

Phone : 7598629087

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