The NSS aims at providing oppurtunities to the student members to serve the society so as to make the members develop into better citizens. The regular activities of the NSS include theory classes as well as field work. The theory classes are spread over 4 semesters covering 24 topics like National integration, Rural development, Lab-to-land technology,Theatre arts,Evil of Dowry system etc.

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  • Health & Family welfare
  • Environment
  • Social service & Awareness
  • Disaster Management
  • Emergency Management, etc

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Dr.D.Devadhas Unit No-90
Dr.V.Ranjan Unit No-91
Dr.J.Prema Kumari   Unit No-92
Dr.B.Christudhas William   Unit No-93
Ms.J.V.Bynaja Unit No-123
Dr.L.Sudith Sophia Unit No-124
Mr.C.Albert                                          Unit No-127



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Dr D Deva Das

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Dr Ranjan

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