The excellent facilities provided in sports and games for the all-round development of the students is a tribute to the early missionary founders of Scott Christian College. Compulsory games were introduced for the men students in 1927. Scott Christian College became the first Mofussil College in the Madras University to have compulsory Physical Education for men. A Physical Education Director was appointed to be in charge of sports and athletics in 1930. He served for 3 years and was followed by Prof. J. Fen George in 1934. He carried out a lively programme of intramural games. And he was followed by the infamous Prof. D.D.W.Daniels who have brought our College sports to a higher level.

The unique tradition of having produced eminent sports persons and leaders in the country belongs to Scott Christian College. Mr. A.T. Joseph, the football captain became the Dy. Superintendent of Police in the state. Padmabushan Dr. Ranjit Roy Daniel, was the college ace football, basketball and volleyball player. He became an eminent, international scientist. Dr. V.J.I. Grant, the volleyball player became the Vice-principal of the college and he later collected degrees in India and foreign universities. Mr. V. Herbert Dhanaraj, a basketball and volleyball player as well as a champion in field events became the All India Physical Educationalist and Mr. J.B. Joseph, the athletic champion became the All India coach and quarter miller.

In 1961, for the first time girls took part in the Madras University Inter – Collegiate Sports Tournaments of the South Zone held at Pallayamkottai, Sarah Tucker College ground.

The playgrounds, track, courts and in – door facilities are spread over the campus in suitable locations. This co-educational institution provides equal opportunities to men and women to develop and train their individual talents. Students and staff are encouraged to make full use of the facilities available on all working days as well as holidays, so that their leisure time may be profitably and enjoyably utilized. So the enthusiasm towards sports brings the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University championship title to our College for the sixth time during the last ten years period.

Intramural tournaments and athletics are a regular feature and winning teams are awarded shields, cups, medals and certificates. Students showing consistent interest in the different items are selected for participation in local, intercollegiate, state level and inter-university competitions. Winners are promptly congratulated and their trophies are displayed in the college to encourage them further.[/box]

Dr.P.Arthur Daniel,M.A.,M.P.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D

Assistant Professor

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Playgrounds Provided for Games

A good number of playgrounds are provided for different games in this college, which has a student strength of 2109 girls and boys. The following are the details of the playgrounds.

1. Basketball – 3 courts (1 cemeent)
2. Ball Badminton – 3 courts
3. Kabaddi – 2 courts
4. Volleyball – 3 courts
5. Badminton – 5 courts (2 indoor)
6. Kho-Kho – 2 court
7. Tennis – 1 court
8. Tennikoit – 1 court
9. Cricket – 1 Ground (2 pitch)
10. Football – 1 field
11. 400 Meters Track – 1
12. Table Tennis – 2 Tables
13. Handball – 1 Court
14. Hockey – 1 field
15. Others – 2 indoor Rooms

Students engage in games enthusiastically throughout the year and it attributes to the all round feeling of goodwill and health among the students.

Games for Men :

1. Football
2. Basketball
3. Kabaddi
4. Ball Badminton
5. Cricket
6. Volleyball
7. Kho-Kho
8. Tennis
9. Hockey
10. Table Tennis
11. Badminton
12. Weightlifting
13. Chess
14. Athletics



Students engage in games enthusiastically throughout the year and it attributes to the all round feeling of goodwill and health among the students.
Games for Women:

1. Football
2. Basketball
3. Kabaddi
4. Volleyball
5. Kho-Kho
6. Hockey
7. Table Tennis
8. Badminton
9. Weightlifting
10. Chess
11. Athletics